Galileo Natural Gas Technologies

MFS search for a efficient, effective and proven  “mobile” fueling solution led us to Argentina and Galileo

  • Established 1983
  • Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2,000 installations in 65 countries
  • Ground-up design for CNG fueling
  • Certification ISO 9001 & ISO 15500
  • CE, UL and NFPA Certified
  • Galileo has 3 manufacturing plants
  • Over 200 direct employees and 500 people in world wide network
  • 90% of its production gets exported to five continents
  • World record fastest and largest CNG fueling stations
  • Madrid, Spain: 400 transit buses - 180 buses per hour
  • Singapore: 44 dispensers for cars/LTs and 2 for trucks

MAT Technology

For distances up to 250 miles, CNG Virtual Pipeline® is the best alternative to transport natural gas to remote locations where the gas lines are not available.

MAT - There are 39 cylinders per MAT, each cylinder contains 40 Gallons for a total of 1,560 Gallons. The storage is 52,500 SCF or 420 GGE

MAT-B - carries a booster which allows the use of 92% of the gas storage. The booster is operated by a hydraulic power unit, the most common used is a 20 KW Caterpillar power generator. The booster is to maintain the MAT-B storage system at a pressure of 3,600 psi. With this feature MAT B becomes an integral part of a cascade system together with the other MAT modules linked together on the transport vehicle. There are 28 cylinders per MAT-B, each cylinder contains 40 Gallons for a total of 1,120 Gallons. The storage is 37,700 SCF or 302 GGE.

MAT-B has an electronic management system which controls compression, filling operation of the platform and delivery system with real-time precision measurement and monitoring features which enables accurate fuel billing and reporting for your customers. MAT – B has an integrated dispenser to fill vehicles on the go.


MAT modules` loading/unloading procedure on VST trailers is very simple, it only takes a few minute and can be done by the truck`s driver itself. Hydraulic ramps allow for an easy loading and unloading of the MATs.

MFS Versatile Delivery System

MAT Modules are transport by road from the compression & loading station to the different consumption destinations on trucks with VST trailers specifically designed for their safe transportation.

The VST trailer used for MAT modules transport was specifically designed for this application by Galileo, base on the following principles:

  • Safety and reliability in MAT modules transport (using interlocking system).
  • Easy-to-use and fast loading/unloading modules on grounding platforms.
  • Flexibility regarding modules` maximum capacity to be transported.
  • Being able to use in any road.

Depending on the application, VST transport systems ® has a capacity for 2, 3 or 4 MAT modules, VST-2, VST-3 and VST-4 respectively, allowing at the same time different configurations according to the demand.


VTS-2 trailer with MAT-B and MAT

The VTS-2 has one MAT-B with a capacity of 310 GGE and one MAT with a capacity of 400 GGE.  Combined the system can deliver 710 GGE compressed at 3600 PSI.

VTS-3 trailer with MAT-B and 2 MAT

The VTS-3 has one MAT-B with a capacity of 310 GGE and tow (2) MAT with a capacity of 800 GGE.  Combined the system can deliver 1,110 GGE compressed at 3600 PSI.

VTS-4 trailer with MAT-B and 3 MAT

The VTS-4 has one MAT-B with a capacity of 310 GGE and tow (2) MAT with a capacity of 1,200 GGE. Combined the system can deliver 1,510 GGE compressed at 3600 PSI.