1. Compression


Compression system and loading of CNG storage modules for Virtual Pipeline can be installed by gathering gas from different sources.

Depending on the gas source, either a MICROSKID or a MICROBOX is installed. Both of them take low pressure natural gas and compress it until 250 bar pressure is reached, this way, filling the storage MAT modules- which are placed on the PAC loading platforms.

Once load is completed, MAT modules are loaded on truck’s VST trailer and then transported to every consumption center.

Thanks to Galileo`s SCADA System, the entire compression plant's operation can be monitored in real time, making the this system easy-to-use.


2. Transportation


MAT Modules are transport by road from the compression & loading station to the different consumption destinations on trucks with VST trailers specifically designed for their safe transportation.

MAT modules' loading/unloading procedure on VST trailers is very simple, it only takes a few minute and can be done by the truck`s driver itself.

Depending on the application, VST transport systems ® has a capacity for 2, 3 or 4 MAT modules, VST-2, VST-3 and VST-4 respectively, allowing at the same time different configurations according to the demand.


3. Regulation


Galileo has developed state-of-the-art Regulating Modular Plants, specifically designed for the Virtual Pipeline System. Remote Regulating Plant consists of PAD Platforms for the unloading of MAT modules, with one or more PRP regulating plans in charge of regulating high pressure of MAT modules until the necessary pressure is reached for the corresponding application.

A CNG Remote Station with Virtual Pipeline is the best alternative for those places where there is a need for filling CNG vehicles and conditions are not good enough for a dispenser station to be installed the best alternative is to install a CNG REMOTE STATION WITH VIRTUAL PIPELINE.

The Remote CNG Station has PAD Platforms for the unloading of MAT modules which are connected to a discharge BOOSTER compressor and modules` storage management and Dispensers for the filling of vehicles in CNG Vehicle Station.